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"Within Woodrowgerber's compositions, the fusion of classic synth harmonies and cutting-edge sonic craftsmanship is evident. His unique blend propels listeners through a voyage that bridges the gap between fond nostalgia and daring exploration, amidst a realm where electronic reveries and digital complexities intertwine."


"As a creative force, Gerber's boundless ingenuity weaves a narrative that transcends boundaries, embracing the ever-evolving currents of innovation."

In the dynamic landscape of music, Chad Gerber stands as a bridge between realms, known both by his given name and his sonic alias, Woodrowgerber. His journey is a testament to the magnetic pull of sound, drawing together underground echoes and mainstream reverberations.


As a torchbearer in the realm of the underground cyberwave and synthwave genre, Woodrowgerber's tracks have left an indelible mark atop indie and underground electronic charts. This alter ego masterfully weaves nostalgia with futuristic soundscapes, crafting a resonance that resonates effortlessly with enthusiasts.


Yet, Chad Gerber doesn't remain confined to these subterranean depths. He steps into the spotlight of major labels, bringing with him a legacy as a gold and platinum selling guitarist and songwriter. In a demonstration of unbound creativity, Gerber invented virtual reality music technology that graced the prestigious BBC network and media outlets across the globe. This innovation (Meloscene) redefines collaboration, enabling artists from different corners of the globe to craft music face to face, regardless of distance.


The stage becomes Gerber's canvas, where his magnetic artistry thrives. Notably, Chad Gerber's captivating presence graced the revered Vans Warped Tour stage, an experience that thrust him into the spotlight amidst a vibrant tapestry of artists and fans. This platform, renowned for hosting mainstream luminaries, served as just one chapter in his global journey that spanned various tours across continents. It underscored his ability to fluidly traverse musical territories, leaving an indelible impact on stages worldwide.


Chad Gerber's narrative is a tapestry of duality, an exploration of sonic horizons that reverberates with unwavering artistic integrity. Amidst the symphony of voices within the music world, Gerber emerges as a conductor, harmonizing subculture allure with mainstream rhythms. In the ever-evolving narrative of music, his mark remains vivid and unmistakable.

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